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  • LOT Heroes - Mzee Mohammed Shariff

    LOT Heroes - Mzee Mohammed Shariff

    Recently, our Watamu Community Liaison Officer, Athman, was in Malindi to visit an old man who has a very special relationship with Watamu Turtle Watch. The old man’s son had earlier come to bring greetings from his father to Athman, with whom he has worked together and has a long standing friendship.

  • Darakasi Young Fishermen

    Darakasi Young Fishermen

    A group of 30 spirited young fishermen in Darakasi were inspired by the efforts of Watamu Young Fishermen and decided to approach our Watamu Community Liaison Officer for help.

  • Let's Talk Turtles!

    Let's Talk Turtles!

    Two months of nothing to do. Nothing except sit on the sofa, drink tea and be totally and utterly bored. This is what I had to look forward to for my long Christmas holiday, but instead of accepting this I decided that I needed a project. This is where Watamu Turtle Watch comes in!

  • A Special Nest

    A Special Nest

    In the early morning hours of the 16th March 2015 a female Olive Ridley turtle scrambled up Watamu beach to lay her eggs.

    This is an event worth noting as very special as the vast majority of nests in this area are laid by Green Turtles. The last Olive Ridley nesting we encountered through our Nest Monitoring and Protection Programme was back in April 2013. Out of over 600 nests we have recorded through this programme since 1997, just 18 have been laid by Olive Ridleys.

  • Sheldon's Story

    Sheldon's Story

    Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is a disease found in sea turtles all over the world and one that we are increasingly dealing with here in our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. It is predominantly found in Green Turtles, although it has been recorded in other species too.

  • Introducing ...

    Introducing ...

    Phanice Anindo - LOT's Newest Intern

    Describe yourself ...

    I am a 24 year old Kenyan lady, very social and hardworking. I love making friends and I like learning new things. I have had an interest in animals since I was young and that has directed me to choose a course in Wildlife Management so I can contribute to their welfare and management.

  • 2015 Off To A Great Start!

    2015 Off To A Great Start!

    As we get into the month of February we are pleased to share with you the positive start we have had to the year.

    We started the year in great spirits after conducting the 12,000th release of our By Catch Release Programme in December 2014. We were so grateful to the many supporters and friends who were in Watamu and joined us on such short notice to mark this special occasion.

Watamu Turtle Watch and Local Ocean Trust

Local Ocean Trust is a private, not for profit organisation committed to the protection of Kenya's marine environment. We love our local ocean and we use practical conservation, community involvement and development, education, research and campaigning to promote the sustainable use of Kenya's marine resources.

Watamu Turtle Watch is our flagship programme. It was started by local residents in 1997 to protect nesting sea turtles. Now it consists of our Nest Monitoring and Protection programme, By Catch Net Release Programme, and specialist Rehabilitation Centre for sick and injured sea turtles. The combination of these programmes enables us to make a real difference in ensuring the future of endagered sea turtles.

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